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Phish, Virus, Email Security Solutions

Corporate overview

Our Mission

Engate Technology is a global leader in anti-botnet and email security solutions. Engate's mission is to provide superior security solutions that empower businesses to achieve the full potential of Internet communications.  


Winner of 8 product innovation awards, Engate supplies the world‘s leading enterprises and service providers with the most accurate botnet, phish, virus and email security solutions in the market. Engate‘s high level of accuracy is evidenced among a variety of large enterprise deployments such as Alameda County Office of Education which serves eighteen public school districts with approximately 10,000 teachers serving 213,500 students; and three college districts with a total enrollment of 55,000 students.


Engate also partners with global distributors, resellers, VARs and technology OEMs, empowering them to generate new security revenue, win competitive trials, improve customer renewals, up-sell existing products to new customers and minimize engineering and support costs. Engate‘s security solution has been successfully deployed by a variety of large scale OEM vendors, including IBM‘s Lotus Foundations Start.


The Problem

The business of botnets is fueling a $67.2 billion dollar cybercrime industry, according to FBI and Government Accountability Office (GAO) surveys. Botnets are one of the most dangerous online security threats today where 40% of the 800 million computers unsuspectingly distribute spam, steal private data, launch crippling denial-of-service attacks, and spread new infections.


By design, botnets are very effective in deceiving conventional anti-spam technologies by covertly sending emails and malicious payloads from trusted sources, rendering today’s reputation systems and blacklists obsolete. What‘s more, botmasters continue to evade reputation products by creatively rotating their IP addresses and their C&C servers so frequently that no blacklist can keep up.


Similarly, traditional content filtering solutions are failing as botnets continue to use innovative forms of image spam, pdf spam and audio files, etc. to bypass filters. As these innovative forms of spam are typically five to ten times larger than a text-based message, the problem intensifies as email servers and network bandwidth becomes overloaded with the growing size and volume of spam, disrupting the efficient delivery of legitimate email.  


As such, today‘s security technologies are ineffective in dealing with a botnets‘ dynamic tactics and lag in innovation with reactive email security techniques that don‘t have the ability to proactively detect and stop attacks at the network level with high levels of accuracy and low levels of false positives.


The Solution

As innovative as they come, every botnet has a weakness. No matter how  well they are designed to evade, obfuscate and propagate, every botnet  leaves telltale traces of their activity. Unlike traditional email security  technologies, Engate cannot be fooled by a botnet‘s tactics because it  proactively works with the source of networks at the protocol layer to detect  these traces.


Utilizing global network intelligence, Engate‘s advanced network profiling technology delivers unprecedented real-time visibility into malicious sources from around the world. Engate‘s security solution employs patented network profiling, protocol fraud testing, source verification, and anti-forgery techniques to identify and block botnet-based attacks in real-time and at the protocol layer with 99% accuracy and virtually no false positives.

The Engate Advantage

Engate protects the world‘s most important networks from email-borne botnet exploitation, phish and virus infiltration before it reaches the enterprise gateway, and gives organizations a competitive advantage both from a network and business efficiency perspective.


  • Enterprises safeguard their data, prevent identity theft, reduce bandwidth and storage costs, conserve IT resources and improve user productivity by reducing the time dealing with malicious threats and unwanted traffic on the desktop, laptop and mobile PDA devices.
  • ISPs identify infected computers, shut down spam relays, improve network throughput, and restore the bandwidth subscribers have paid for.
  • Hardware and software OEMs improve customer renewals and competitive conversions by differentiating their products with a deeper layer of security that stops botnet-driven attacks at the network level with over 99% accuracy.

Our Pedigree

Engate Technology is a privately-held company headquartered in Reno, NVwith corporate offices in San Jose, CA. The Engate team is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence in security, quality, service and support. With real-world successes in past technology companies, Engate is qualified to solve present and future problems for OEMs, service providers and enterprise customers. Together, the Engate team has extensive security and networking experience from companies such as Postini/Google, Cisco,IBM, Hewlett Packard, AT&T Bell Labs, Network Appliance, Motorola, Nortel Networks, and others. The current explosion of botnet attacks and malicious email requires innovative ideas and Engate is delivering the permanent solution to this global problem.