Executive leadership

Wil Cochran

Chief Executive Officer
Wil Cochran co-founded five companies participating in storage, networking and communications markets.  Domain Technology, a manufacturer of disk drive media components went public in 1987.  OnPREM Networks, a manufacturer of DSL networking equipment for multi tenant buildings, was sold to Copper Mountain Networks in 2000.  Cochran was CEO of Atreus Systems, an OSS software vendor for automated provisioning of IP services.  Cochran serves on the Board of Directors of Krill Systems, a developer of marine wireless data acquisition and display systems.  Cochran has an MBA from George Washington University.


Rich White

Chief Technology Officer
Another experienced entrepreneur, Rich White co-founded OnPREM Networks and served on its Board of Directors. White co-founded Best Internet which merged with Hiway Technologies and the combined company was subsequently sold to Verio in mid 1999.  White has founded other technology companies and has participated as an investment partner in Byzantine Ventures, a seed venture capital firm in San Francisco. White has an MS in Information Management from the Naval Post Graduate School and served as an officer in the U.S. Navy.


Dr. Haw-minn Lu

Chief Architect
Dr. Lu is the principal architect and software engineer for the Engate MailSentinel™ product line. Lu has a background in senior software engineering positions at Bell Labs and Hughes Electronics. Lu co-founded Terabit Corporation, developer of unique super speed scalable router technology and 100 Gb/sec communications systems, with Dr. Huang. Lu has a PhD EE, Univ. of CA - San Diego and a BSEE, MSEE/Computer Science, MIT, and is a patent agent.


Dr. Alan Huang

Chief Security Officer
Dr. Huang has an extensive background at AT&T Bell Labs, where he was Dept. Head of Optical Computing and Switching Research. In this capacity, Huang co-invented AT&T‘s first switch and ATM customer interface unit. Huang is co-founder of Terabit Corporation, a developer of unique super speed scalable router technology and 100 Gb/sec communications systems. Huang, a patent agent, holds 28 patents, published 16 technical publications, and has a PhD EE, Stanford University, and a BS/MSEE, Cornell University.