Advisory board

Jim Lawson

Member of the Board of Directors

Jim Lawson is a nationally recognized executive consultant and has previously served as an advisor of many growing companies, including Agile Software, Latitude Communications, Alacritech, One Touch Systems and Alteon Systems.  Jim has a long history of executive management and entrepreneurial roles in the technology industry, including Vice President Sales at Auspex Systems, Vice President Sales at Agile Software, Vice President and General Manager at Stratus Computer Indirect Sales Division, Vice President Sales at McDonnell Douglas Computer Systems, Vice President OEM Sales at SCI Systems, and Vice President Sales at Honeywell Non-Impact Printer Division.

Dr. Hamid Ahmadi

Member of the Advisory Board

Hamid has over 25 years of research, development and management experience in the area of telecommunication, IP networking, wireless communications and network security. Named as Motorola‘s First Chief Architect in January 2006, Hamid previously served as the Vice President of Technology and CTO in the Global Communications Sector at IBM Corporation. Prior to joining IBM, Hamid was Vice President of the Global Network and IP Services Planning and Development organizations at AT&T Labs where he was credited with having conceived the architecture and managed the development of AT&T Global IP network for all aspects of systems engineering, design, planning, and services.


Tony dellaBusa

Member of the Advisory Board

Tony dellaBusa is one of the contributing founders of Engate and advises on the company's worldwide marketing strategy, including branding, product marketing, channel marketing, business development, and communications. dellaBusa brings over 17 years experience with a diversity of leading companies, including  Sonus Networks, Atreus Systems, Nortel Networks, Cambrian Systems and Tundra Semiconductor.  As Atreus' director of communications, dellaBusa was responsible for launching the company's marketing and communications programs, leading to its acquisition by Sonus Networks. At Cambrian, dellaBusa successfully lead their demand generation programs, leading to its acquisition by Nortel. 

John H. Gray

Member of the Advisory Board

With over 30 years experience as a senior IT executive, John currently serves as President at Bentor Technologies, a Toronto based IT consulting firm. Prior to Bentor, John worked to establish Corel Corporation’s operations in Toronto and SW Ontario. John was also a founding partner in Technetronic, a software development and consulting firm which designed and developed mainframe and network performance and capacity planning systems which were sold to Fortune 1000 companies including American Express, US Army/CECOM, Bank of Montreal, SISMEL, and QANTAS. John has participated in product advisory groups for Net Integration Technologies (now part of IBM), IBM, Artisoft, and others.

Eric Rabinowitz

Member of the Advisory Board
With 24 years engineering experience in real-time embedded systems, Eric Rabinowitz is a founding team member of Wind River developing VxWorks. His roles included driver technologies, engineering for key microprocessors, teaching and consulting. Rabinowitz' experience includes aerospace, medical, robotics, telecommunications, consumer and home electronics, with knowledge spanning from schematics to system applications and from marketing concepts to strategic alliances.

Tom Butts

Member of the Advisory Board

Tom Butts is currently a director in AT&T Labs. In this position he has overall development responsibility for the AT&T VPN and Remote Access services. Tom's team designed and developed one of the first personal IPSEC hardware devices that could be installed within an enterprise and managed remotely. This device became part of an industry leading solution that is one of the most exciting and successful AT&T offerings. Tom joined AT&T as part of the sale of the IBM Global Network in 1999.